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Have I downloaded the mobile app to monitor my account from my mobile device?

With the Janus Henderson Direct app, you can view your account summary, place trades and view electronic statements and tax forms on the go.

Janus Henderson Direct (for iOS)

Janus Henderson Direct (for Android)


Have I designated a beneficiary on my account?

Naming a beneficiary ensures the assets in your Janus Henderson account will be distributed to the individuals(s) you intended. This beneficiary designation will supersede other instructions, including your will, and may allow for a probate-free direct transfer.

Add a Beneficiary to a Retirement Account Online

Add a Beneficiary to a Non-Retirement Account*

*Adding a beneficiary to a non-retirement account requires you to complete and return the Transfer on Death (TOD) beneficiary form


Whenever I make a purchase or redemption, can money be directly withdrawn or deposited into my bank account?

Adding a bank to your account allows money to move electronically between your Janus Henderson account and the bank account of your choice. There’s no need to visit a bank or worry about a check getting lost in the mail.

Establish a Bank Online

Bank Options Form


Do I prefer to receive documents by e-delivery rather than paper?

Sign up for e-delivery to have important documents – quarterly statements, confirmation statements, tax forms and others – sent to you electronically.

Sign up for e-delivery


Am I taking advantage of the Janus Henderson Bonus Program?

You can earn up to $2,500 when you roll over/transfer to a Janus Henderson IRA or make a purchase directly into a Janus Henderson account. To receive the maximum bonus, you must roll over/transfer or purchase at least $1 million; lesser amounts will receive a lower bonus. To learn more visit www.janushenderson.com/bonus.

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