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Henderson All Stocks Credit FundHenderson Alternative Strategies Trust plcHenderson Asia Pacific Capital Growth FundHenderson Asian Dividend Income Unit TrustHenderson Cautious Managed FundHenderson China Opportunities FundHenderson Diversified Income Trust plcHenderson Emerging Markets Opportunities FundHenderson European Absolute Return FundHenderson European Focus FundHenderson European Focus Trust plcHenderson European Growth FundHenderson European Selected Opportunities FundHenderson European Smaller Companies FundHenderson EuroTrust plcHenderson Far East Income LimitedHenderson Fixed Interest Monthly Income FundHenderson Gartmore Continental European FundHenderson Gartmore Emerging Markets FundHenderson Gartmore Global Equity Market Neutral FundHenderson Gartmore Global Growth FundHenderson Gartmore Latin American FundHenderson Gartmore Pan European FundHenderson Gartmore Pan European Smaller Companies FundHenderson Gartmore United Kingdom Absolute Return FundHenderson Global Care Growth FundHenderson Global Care UK Income FundHenderson Global Equity Income FundHenderson Global Financials FundHenderson Global Growth FundHenderson Global Technology FundHenderson Global Trust plc (in liquidation)Henderson High Income Trust plcHenderson Horizon Asian Dividend Income FundHenderson Horizon Asian Growth FundHenderson Horizon Asia-Pacific Property Equities FundHenderson Horizon China FundHenderson Horizon Emerging Market Corporate Bond FundHenderson Horizon Euro Corporate Bond FundHenderson Horizon Euro High Yield Bond FundHenderson Horizon Euroland FundHenderson Horizon European Growth FundHenderson Horizon Global Corporate Bond FundHenderson Horizon Global High Yield Bond FundHenderson Horizon Global Multi-Asset FundHenderson Horizon Global Natural Resources FundHenderson Horizon Global Property Equities FundHenderson Horizon Global Technology FundHenderson Horizon Japan Opportunities FundHenderson Horizon Japanese Smaller Companies FundHenderson Horizon Pan European Alpha FundHenderson Horizon Pan European Dividend Income FundHenderson Horizon Pan European Equity FundHenderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities FundHenderson Horizon Pan European Smaller Companies FundHenderson Horizon Total Return Bond FundHenderson Horizon US Growth FundHenderson Index-Linked Bond FundHenderson Institutional Cash FundHenderson Institutional Global Care Managed FundHenderson Institutional Japan Index Opportunities FundHenderson Institutional Long Dated Credit FundHenderson Institutional Long Dated Gilt FundHenderson Institutional North American Index Opportunities FundHenderson Institutional Overseas Bond FundHenderson Institutional UK Gilt FundHenderson International Income Trust plcHenderson Japan Opportunities FundHenderson Money Market Unit TrustHenderson Multi-Asset Absolute Return FundHenderson Multi-Manager Active FundHenderson Multi-Manager Distribution FundHenderson Multi-Manager Diversified FundHenderson Multi-Manager Global Select FundHenderson Multi-Manager Income & Growth FundHenderson Multi-Manager Managed FundHenderson Opportunities Trust plcHenderson Preference & Bond FundHenderson Sterling Bond Unit TrustHenderson Strategic Bond FundHenderson UK & Irish Smaller Companies FundHenderson UK Absolute Return FundHenderson UK Alpha FundHenderson UK Equity Income & Growth FundHenderson UK Index FundHenderson UK Property PAIFHenderson UK Property PAIF Feeder FundHenderson UK Smaller Companies FundHenderson UK Strategic Income Unit TrustHenderson UK Tracker FundHenderson US Growth FundHenderson World Select FundLowland Investment Company plcThe Bankers Investment Trust PLCThe City of London Investment Trust plcThe Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust plcTR European Growth Trust PLC


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