Summary of administrative changes to Janus Henderson Capital Funds plc

During summer 2020 we propose making some changes to the administration of Janus Henderson Capital Funds plc (‘JHCF’ or ‘the Company’). The following provides a summary and useful information about contact details and dealing.

The changes include:

  • Changes to the external providers of the following services:
    • Transfer agent
    • Depositary/Custodian
    • Administrator
    • Fund accountant
  • Change to naming convention of classes of shares
  • Reclassification of class U shares
  • Change to name of Janus Henderson Global Technology Fund

The effective date envisaged for all changes is 6 July 2020.

Details about the changes are described in the Shareholder Notification.


Shareholder Notification

Please note that there will be no change to investor shareholdings as a result of the administration changes other than the renaming of share classes. A downloadable excel file with all the old and new share class names is below


Share class list


Below you will find additional useful information relating to contact addresses, dealing and settlement.



Please use the current contact details until close of business 2 July 2020. Functions will then migrate across to the new service providers, therefore from 6 July 2020 you should use the new contact details.

Function Current (until 2 July 2020) New (from 6 July 2020)
Transfer Agent Citibank Europe plc
1 North Wall Quay
Dublin 1
IrelandTelephone +353 1 622 1326Fax +353 1 240
International Financial Data Services (Ireland) Limited
Bishops Square
Redmond’s Hill
Dublin 2
IrelandTelephone +353 1 242 5453 (09:00-17:00 Ireland time)
Fax +353 1 562
Depositary Citibank Depositary Services Ireland
1 North Wall Quay
Dublin 1
JP Morgan Bank (Ireland) Plc
200 Capital Dock
79 Sir John Rogerson ‘s Quay
Dublin 2
Administrator Citibank Europe plc JP Morgan Administration Services (Ireland) Limited
200 Capital Dock
79 Sir John Rogerson ‘s Quay
Dublin 2
Fund Accountant and Custodian Citibank Europe plc JP Morgan Bank (Ireland) Plc
(address as above)


New bank account details

Bank account details for subscriptions, redemptions and trailer fees will change from 6 July 2020. Please note that new bank account details should only be used from 6 July 2020.

Euro (EUR) Bank of America N.A. Singapore Dollars (SGD) Bank of America N.A.
2 King Edward Street 50 Collyer Quay
London, EC1A 1HQ #14-01 OUE Bayfront
UK Singapore 049321
A/c No: (IBAN) GB79BOFA1650 5083655038 ACH/GIRO: 7065212
A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account A/c No: 71908011
A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account
US Dollars (USD) Bank of America N.A. Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) Bank of America N.A.
222 Broadway Cheung Kong Centre, Floor 52
New York, NY 10038 2 Queens Road Central
USA Hong Kong
ABA Routing Code: 026009593 ACH/GIRO: 055757
CHIPS: 0959 A/c No: 72723013
A/c No: 6550562925 A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account
A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account
Japanese Yen (JPY) Bank of America N.A Swedish Krona (SEK) Bank of America N.A.
Nihonbashi 1-chome Mitsui Building 2 King Edward Street
1-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-Ku London, EC1A 1HQ
Tokyo 103-0027, Japan UK
A/c No: 23507019 A/c No: (IBAN) GB88BOFA16505083655070
A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account
Pound Sterling (GBP) Bank of America N.A. Swiss Franc (CHF) Bank of America N.A.
2 King Edward Street 2 King Edward Street
London, EC1A 1HQ London, EC1A 1HQ
A/c No: (IBAN) GB35BOFA16505083655054 A/c No: (IBAN) GB05BOFA16505083655012
A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account
Australian Dollar (AUD) Bank of America N.A. Canadian Dollar (CAD) Bank of America N.A.
Level 34, Governor Phillip Tower 181 Bay Street, Suite 400
1 Farrer Place, Sydney Toronto, ON M5J 2V8
NSW 2000, Australia Canada
BSB: 232001 ABA Routing Code: 024156792
A/c No: 18667013 A/c No: 55742200
A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account
Chinese Renminbi (CNY) Bank of America N.A.
Cheung Kong Centre, Floor 52
2 Queens Road Central
Hong Kong
ACH/GIRO: 055757
A/c No: 72723039
A/c Name: JHCF Investor Account



The change of transfer agent means that dealing will move across from Citibank to International Financial Data Services (IFDS) Ireland. Orders should be placed with Citibank up to Thursday 2 July 2020 and with IFDS from 6 July 2020.


When is the last business day I can place an order with Citibank?

As Friday 3 July is an NYSE holiday and therefore a non-trading day for the funds, the cut-off for receipt of orders with Citibank is 21:00 London time on Thursday 2 July. We will not be able to accept orders via SWIFT after this time. Orders can be submitted from 08:00 Japan time on Monday 6 July using the new SWIFT details (SBOSIE2DTAD). Orders received by fax after 21:00 London time on 2 July will be held and processed by the new administrator, IFDS, on Monday 6 July.


Will Janus Henderson Investors/IFDS be providing updated dealing forms?

Yes, Janus Henderson Investors will be updating the forms with the relevant information for bank details and IFDS contact details.


Can I continue using existing application forms after 6 July 2020?

New application forms should be used for all instructions placed from 6 July 2020. Janus Henderson Investors and IFDS are putting procedures and monitoring in place to carefully manage all orders being processed across the migration period to ensure settlement is not impacted. This detailed monitoring will continue for at least two weeks post-migration. Any orders submitted using old application forms beyond that may be rejected and will need to be resubmitted using the new forms.


If I want to place an order by fax, what number should I use?

For clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) or North America:

Up to 2 July 2020:  +353 1 240 1602

From 6 July 2020: +353 1 562 5537


If you need to contact the Transfer Agent by email or telephone please use the contact details in the table in the Contacts section above. Please remember to use current contact details up to 2 July 2020 and the new contact details from 6 July 2020.


I place my orders via Calastone/BBH, is necessary connectivity in place with IFDS?

Yes, you can continue to place your orders as you do today.


Will my Citibank TA account number change?

No, your account number will remain the same


Can you explain the IFDS trade acknowledgement process?

For orders received by fax, you will receive an immediate automated acknowledgment specifying the number of pages received.  Orders sent by SWIFT will continue to generate standard SWIFT acknowledgement letters in the same way as they do today.  For orders received by post, contract notes will be issued within 24 hours of trade placement if the instruction is received in good order.


Will there be any changes to trading cut-offs?

There will be no changes to trading cut-offs, which remain as detailed in the prospectus



When should I commence using the new Bank of America bank accounts?

You should use new bank accounts for subscription orders placed after 21:00 London time on 2 July 2020.


What will happen if I accidentally use Citibank account details after 2 July 2020

We have provisions in place to deal with this scenario for the first two weeks following the transition of services. After that, receipts into the Citibank accounts will be rejected back to the originator.


Will settlement of subscriptions and redemptions be netted after 2 July 2020?

We will continue to bulk redemption payments in accordance with the mandate you have supplied to us. You may continue to bulk settlement of subscriptions if you choose to.


Will there be any changes to how my redemption and dividend payments are bulked?

Redemption and dividend payments of the same currency will continue to be bulked. You will have the option to bulk the payments by the account number or the broker code. Note that where multiple accounts are tagged under a single broker code, bulking cannot be set up at both account number and broker code level.


Will my Citibank broker code change?

National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) broker codes will be retained, so NSCC dealers should continue to submit trades as they do currently. Non-NSCC broker codes will change from 6 July 2020 and will be reflected in the trailer fee and commission statements.


Will there be any changes to the dividend calendar?

Yes. The settlement date for payment of distribution proceeds be increased from ex-dividend date + 3 days to ex-dividend date + 5 days. A dividend calendar will be made available on and available upon request from IFDS at, post migration.


Will there be any changes to the dealing calendar?

No. Should investors wish to receive the dealing calendar post-migration, they may contact IFDS at


Investor Media

Will there be changes to the timings of my investor media

Yes. Contract notes and dividend statements will now be available earlier at approximately 03:00 London local time (or 04:00 Central European Time/ 10:00 Hong Kong/ 11:00 Tokyo).


How will I receive my investor media from IFDS?

Investors currently receiving media by post and fax will continue to do so. Investors receiving media via email (including those receiving media via direct email from Citibank) will be granted access to the Vdox platform (provided by Victor Buck Services, IFDS’s media distribution partner) which will allow them to view and download their media.

Any clients currently receiving confirmations via multiple formats (i.e. SWIFT plus email, fax or post) will continue to do so.


How will I access the Vdox platform?

Usernames and passwords will be issued alongside the first media distribution for each investor, and there will be a one-time registration process required to set a password. A user guide will be available on request from IFDS, the Transfer Agent.


Can you advise if the investor media format will be changed after 2 July 2020?

The format of contract notes and statements will change slightly and align the JHCF funds more closely with the media of other Janus Henderson fund ranges. The content remains consistent with previously provided investor media.


I currently have a Citibank login for VBS, can this still be used after 2 July 2020?

This will remain active until 30 November 2020, beyond which time you will no longer be able to reset your Vsafe password. If any replacement (i.e. pre-migration) media is required beyond this date please contact IFDS and they will be able to provide this.


Who will issue the contract note for my orders placed on 2 July 2020?

Contract notes for orders received up to 21:00 London time on 2 July 2020 will be issued by Citibank in the usual way.



Will existing arrangements for receipt of net asset value (NAV) files be changing?

Prices for all the JHCF funds will continue to be available on the website from 19:00 New York time on Trade Date (T), or 00:00 London/08:00 Hong Kong/09:00 Tokyo on T+1.

Price files will be distributed by JP Morgan, there will be some changes to formatting and, price, investor tax and distribution files will become separate files.


Performance figures will not be included in the price files.


Fees and commissions

Is there a minimum payment threshold for trailer fees?

There is a minimum payment threshold of USD50 (or equivalent value per currency) for all currency payments. Any amounts below this level will accrue until such time as they become ineligible for payment. Payment of below minimum amounts will also be paid on request.


When will advance commission (broker credit) payments be made?

The payment date of advance commission (broker credit) and initial commission will move from Month End + 7 business days to Month End + 10 business days.


What changes are being introduced to the calculation methodology of Front End Load commissions?  The methodology for calculating commission on trades with a Front End Load will change from the current POP (public offering price) method  (NAV/( 1- commission %)) to use a future state FEL (front end load) method ((gross amount – commission)/NAV).