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Why invest


Lowland Investment Company plc

Why invest

Unlocking the potential of large, medium and small UK businesses for income and growth

Founded in the 1960s, Lowland invests in a blend of large, medium and small UK businesses with the objective of growing capital and income on behalf of our shareholders. The portfolio managers have a strong valuation focus and stocks are assessed on an individual basis following in-depth analysis. The Trust is managed by James Henderson and Laura Foll, with the oversight of an independent and experienced Board of Directors.

Marketing Communication. Past performance does not predict future returns. The value of an investment and the income from it may go down as well as up and you may lose the amount originally invested. Past performance can be viewed here.

Why choose Lowland Investment Company?

Growing income by growing capital

The portfolio has a progressive dividend policy, with the aim for each quarterly dividend to be greater than or equal to the previous quarter. The manager aims to achieve this by selecting small and medium sized companies that have faster dividend growth potential, alongside larger companies which may provide higher average dividend yields.

A blend of large, medium and small UK businesses

The trust can invest across all sizes of UK companies. By seeking out under-researched smaller companies, this offers a greater chance for unrealised potential.

Strong valuation focus

The manager seeks to identify value where others don’t see it. There is a patient approach to buying into companies that have an underlying strength not yet realised. The trust is unconstrained by an index and stocks are selected based on the individual business characteristics rather than a ‘top-down’ approach.

Manager's perspective

Laura Foll and James Henderson, Fund Managers for Lowland Investment Company, see its blend of small, medium and large companies as the trust’s biggest strength. The complementary nature of the portfolio – dedicated to both dividend and capital growth – is just one of the ways the trust is unique.

“Smaller companies tend to bring faster dividend growth, while larger companies typically bring higher dividend yields on average. The two elements together may bring something quite different to the portfolio.”

– Laura Foll, Fund Manager

Ready to invest?

Head to our How to Invest page now to find out how to add Lowland Investment Company to your ISA, SIPP, or whichever investment account or wrapper you use to invest.


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