Professional Development

Solutions to help you create exceptional client relationships, dynamic teamwork and a personal lifestyle that will help you reach peak performance.


Discover the process to unlock and understand your client’s deepest interests and turn every negotiation into a win/win that exceeds expectations.

Learn how to replicate your best clients and ignite client acquisition by identifying and seeking out the attributes that matter.

Learn how to systematically exceed client expectations and drive deep client loyalty by creating meaningful, unforgettable moments that clients talk about.

Stay focused on what matters most with a personalized plan to replenish and sustain your energy for a life of purpose, engagement and peak performance – in business and in life.

Develop mind strength-training strategies for better brain health with a personalized program.

Transform your team by combining the core elements that impact team chemistry and deliver an exceptional client experience with extraordinary results.

Use stress as an opportunity for growth by employing actionable tools to identify the sources of stress, our reactions to it and ways to manage it more productively.


Shift your approach from the traditional model of prospecting to attracting new clients and positioning your business to benefit from the change.


Engage with our wide curriculum of innovative programs designed to meet your goals.

Discover wealth planning and tax strategies for your complete spectrum of clients.

Stay informed about the latest defined contribution strategies.

Form a partnership with Janus Henderson and gain access to analytical resources.


The Art of Wow

An extension of The Art of WOW program, the web-based application is a one-stop library of unique gift ideas to help you source personalized expressions of gratitude for clients.

Knowledge Labs Alert

Exceed expectations - in business and in life - with monthly insights from our experts.

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