2020 Essentials of Wealth Planning in an Uncertain World

Five Themes to Guide Your Practice

2020 Highlights

Our 2020 Essentials of Wealth Planning in an Uncertain World is designed to help financial professionals stay informed about recent events that could have an impact on their most valued clients’ financial situations.

Inside you will find the latest ideas, trends and opportunities regarding new retirement plan distribution rules, legislative impacts for small businesses, health and wealth planning, behavioral finance best practices and regulatory developments. We have also included a comprehensive summary of 2020 tax rate schedules and other important planning limits.

Key topics include:

  • The SECURE Act, which signifies the most substantial change to the retirement industry since the Pension Protection Act of 2006
  • The CARES Act and its impact on individuals, small businesses and retirement plans
  • Using a goals-based approach to retirement planning to provide clients with greater levels of satisfaction and motivation
  • Behavioral finance best practices, including helping clients deal with market losses
  • Assessing financial professional personal biases and how these can be a predictor to their clients’ asset allocation

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