Women and Wealth

Helping Women Take Control of Their Financial Futures


Janus Henderson’s Women and Wealth programs provide financial professionals with best practices for working with female clients during difficult life transitions as well as actionable and timely financial planning strategies for their clients to gain confidence about what lies ahead.

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Hear our experts discuss why Women and Wealth is important for financial professionals and clients, their personal ties to this program and how financial professionals can take action.

Featuring Associate Retirement Director Marquette Payton, Knowledge Labs Director Lindsay Troxell and Retirement Director Taylor Pluss.



Janus Henderson developed this program in partnership with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, a wealth psychology expert and behavioral change specialist, to help financial professionals think differently about their approach with female clients, and specifically those experiencing life transitions.


These presentations and resources educate clients on the unique challenges women face, as well as managing finances, retirement planning and understanding the importance of creating a network of financial professionals. Some of our popular presentations include:

  • A Practical Approach to Financial Security at Any Age – Includes important strategies for addressing the unique financial challenges facing women in any phase of their life
  • Savvy Social Security Planning for Women- Provides information on what female clients need to know about claiming benefits
  • Women and Negotiations - Provides key tools to help you plan and execute negotiations at home and in your professional life, highlighting the aspects of negotiation that differ between men and women


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