What is the
Power of Gratitude?

New Research Reveals the Power of Systematic Gratitude in Professional Services

We surveyed more than 300 financial advisors and found that those using what our research defined as a systematic approach to showing client gratitude managed an average of $30 million more in funds than advisors using an ad hoc approach. Additionally, a systematic approach seems to have a mutually beneficial effect, with advisors who express gratitude reporting they feel more successful, more satisfied with their careers, and receive more gratitude in return. Learn more about how to distinguish your practice through this strategic approach to gratitude.

Gratitude Gains Survey Results


We believe that gratitude can empower financial advisors to attain striking advantages in business through capturing and retaining client relationships.


Learn How to Use Gratitude to Drive Extreme Client Loyalty

Online Resources

Giving thanks doesn't stop at a kind word. Learn how to use your gratitude A-game to turn A-level clients into raving fans with the Art of WOW online suite of resources.