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Global Allocation Growth Managed Account

Asset allocation model with global exposure to equity and fixed income mutual funds



Our conservative, moderate and growth model portfolios offer global diversification through strategic allocation across equities and fixed income, with the goal of providing the opportunity for higher returns and lower volatility. Asset allocation decisions are developed through a team assessment of fundamental macro asset class views, quantitative risk and scenario analysis, risk premia research, and bottom-up specialist input.


Model Portfolios of Actively Managed Mutual Funds: Our models utilize a broad spectrum of Janus Henderson’s investment expertise and solutions, seeking an optimized allocation to actively managed underlying Janus Henderson mutual funds.

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Construction: Active management is applied through the top-down asset allocation decisions and bottom-up, actively managed funds. These underlying funds utilize in-depth, fundamental research to construct a portfolio based on each fund’s unique objective, and they are combined to provide diversification across investment styles, geographies and asset classes.

Solutions That Target Various Risk Profiles: The resultant allocations serve as diversified foundational investments for clients of various risk profiles, which seek to address certain desired outcomes and experiences within the parameters of specified investment constraints and risk tolerances.


Ashwin Alankar, PhD

Head of Global Asset Allocation | Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2001. Joined Firm in 2014.