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For Financial Professionals in the US

Global Multi-Asset Capital Preservation Managed Account

Asset allocation model with global exposure to investment vehicles across equity and fixed income


About this Fund

Our suite of model portfolios offers global diversification to both proprietary and non-proprietary equity and fixed income securities. We blend a strategic, bottom-up valuation discipline with dynamic, top-down proprietary macro views to create diversified and risk aware portfolios. Portfolio decisions are developed through our Multi-Asset group, a team that constructs asset allocation solutions for clients’ complex investment objectives.

Why Invest

  • Risk-targeted model portfolios: Our models utilize a range of vehicles including proprietary, non-proprietary, active, and passive in order to spread risk, lower cost, reduce the impact of market volatility, and target varying levels of income and capital growth.
  • Dynamic and strategic: Our Multi-Asset investment team draws on detailed market and macroeconomic analysis and research to create diversified and risk-aware portfolios.
  • Solutions That Target Various Risk Profiles: The resultant allocations serve as diversified foundational investments for clients of various risk profiles, which seek to address certain desired outcomes and experiences within the parameters of specified investment constraints and risk tolerances.


Adam Hetts, CFA

Global Head of Multi-Asset | Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2005. Joined Firm in 2017.

Oliver Blackbourn, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2009. Joined Firm in 2017.