This long-only, large-cap core equity fund seeks smaller drawdowns and a smoother ride over time by balancing downside mitigation with upside participation for any market environment. The Fund employs a systematic “dynamic beta” investment approach designed to adjust to changing risk environments, seeking up to 40% less volatility than the Russell 1000® Index.


Dynamic Beta Positioning

As risk in the market increases, the portfolio shifts to take a more defensive posture, targeting a lower beta than the index. When risk levels decrease, the portfolio migrates to a more market-like stance, targeting a higher beta, allowing for the full potential to benefit from the upward trend in the market.

30+ Years of Volatility Research

The Intech® dedicated volatility management team, with more than 30 years’ experience, is comprised of experts who have dedicated their life’s work, academic research and careers to developing this disciplined, repeatable and unemotional process based on the sole input of volatility.

Focus on Risk-Adjusted Return

Our process is designed to construct a portfolio of long-only, large-cap stocks with the highest return potential and lowest risk. By seeking a smoother ride, the Fund may help investors maintain equity market exposure and have the opportunity to build more wealth over time.