A troubling trend

In the age of technology, reported losses from financial exploitation continue to increase. Fraudsters are finding ways to use digital assets, social media and artificial intelligence to scam investors, to the tune of more than $3.8B/year.

Every time an individual is targeted for these scams, their financial plan is in jeopardy.

Janus Henderson has formed an exclusive partnership with Wayne State University to help financial advisors protect investors from financial fraud and exploitation.

Financial exploitation impacts

More than


Reported as lost by consumers to investment scams, more than any other category in 2022.

Using a payment card



Reported as lost by consumers to fraud according to newly released Federal Trade Commission (FTC) data, an increase of more than 30 percent over the previous year.

Night time on a laptop

Adults aged


Reported losing money more often than older adults aged 70-79, the FTC found. But when older adults did lose money, they lost more.

Working on laptop

Congressional testimony

In a testimony on November 16, 2023, Philadelphia attorney Gary Schildhorn tells a Senate panel about his story of an attempted scam against him, where his son's voice was spoofed by artificial intelligence.

Who is vulnerable?

Historically, the term financial exploitation has been associated solely with older adults, but the rise of new technologies means that any individual with substantial assets is vulnerable. This includes the

Older Adults

ages 65 and older


with physical
or cognitive impairment


particularly through social media and gaming sites

Distressed Clients

both financially or personally, who may be distracted, lonely or overly trusting

Advisor Actions

Take steps to reduce your clients' vulnerability to ensure their financial plan is not in jeopardy.

Assign a teammate to become an expert in identifying vulnerable clients

Conduct a trusted contact and power-of-attorney audit on your client records and incorporate these into discussions

Partner with us to educate your team, clients and prospects Find your Director

Our partnership with Wayne State University

Business people planning

In an exclusive partnership, Janus Henderson has partnered with Wayne State University to help financial advisors protect investors from financial exploitation.

The partnership leverages the extensive resources of Wayne State University’s Institute of Gerontology and our strong relationships in the financial sector. The institute, led by Dr. Peter Lichtenberg, Ph.D., is the nation’s largest interdisciplinary organization dedicated to the field of aging. Dr. Lichtenberg is a national expert in financial capacity assessment and financial exploitation of older adults.

The program is dedicated specifically to combatting financial exploitation, a growing problem for older and vulnerable adults who are becoming more susceptible in the internet age. We hope to help protect more investors by extending education on the topic and providing useful tools to financial advisors.


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