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Provides exposure to floating-rate collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) generally rated from B to BBB in a liquid, transparent manner.

As of 05/16/2022

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-$0.06 (-0.13%)
As of 05/16/2022

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As of 05/16/2022


ETF Objective

Janus Henderson B-BBB CLO ETF seeks capital preservation and current income by seeking to deliver floating-rate exposure to CLOs generally rated between and inclusive of BBB+ and B-.

About this ETF

An ETF with floating rate exposure to CLOs rated from B to BBB and seeking to deliver investors access to securities with low default risk, low correlations to traditional fixed income asset classes and yield potential.

Why Invest in this ETF

Diversification Potential
B to BBB-rated CLOs may help diversify a traditional fixed income portfolio.

Floating Rate Exposure
Floating-rate coupons can help limit the impact during periods of rising rates.

Efficient ETF Structure
Provides exposure to CLOs rated from B to BBB historically available only to institutional investors, with the liquidity, lower cost, and transparency characteristics of an ETF structure.


John Kerschner, CFA

Head of U.S. Securitized Products | Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1990. Joined Firm in 2010.

Nick Childs, CFA

Portfolio Manager | Securitized Products Analyst

Industry since 2003. Joined Firm in 2017.


RETURNS (%) (As of 03/31/2022)
NAV Market Price JP Morgan CLO High Quality Mezzanine Index
Since Inception
NAV -1.15
Market Price -1.03
JP Morgan CLO High Quality Mezzanine Index -0.39
RETURNS (%) (As of 04/30/2022)
NAV Market Price JP Morgan CLO High Quality Mezzanine Index
3M Since Inception
NAV -1.18 -1.08
Market Price -0.99 -0.64
JP Morgan CLO High Quality Mezzanine Index -1.25 -0.54


Ex-DateRecord DatePayable DateOrdinary IncomeShort-Term Capital GainsLong-Term Capital GainsTotal Distribution
04/01/2022 04/04/2022 04/07/2022 $0.1265480$0.0000000$0.0000000$0.1265480
03/01/2022 03/02/2022 03/07/2022 $0.1252430$0.0000000$0.0000000$0.1252430
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Index represents the J.P. Morgan CLO High Quality Mezzanine Index

Top Holdings (As of 05/13/2022)
% of Fund
Janus Henderson AAA CLO ETF 5.26
LCM 31 Ltd|4.66271|01/20/2032, 4.66%, 01/20/32 3.21
Voya CLO 2017-1 Ltd|3.57129|04/17/2030, 3.57%, 04/17/30 3.07
Sixth Street CLO XIX Ltd|3.254|07/20/2034, 3.25%, 07/20/34 2.69
Oaktree CLO 2019-3 Ltd|4.27271|10/20/2034, 4.27%, 10/20/34 2.69
Neuberger Berman Loan Advisers CLO 33 Ltd|3.02225|10/16/2033, 3.02%, 10/16/33 2.59
Highbridge Loan Management 3-2014|4.64429|07/18/2029, 4.64%, 07/18/29 2.56
Dryden 50 Senior Loan Fund|7.30429|07/15/2030, 7.30%, 07/15/30 2.48
Madison Park Funding XVII Ltd|4.69829|07/21/2030, 4.70%, 07/21/30 2.19
Venture 44 CLO Ltd|4.29271|10/20/2034, 4.29%, 10/20/34 2.17
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