Marching to a Million

Millennial Journeys to Retirement


Your Clients’ Children: A Generation that Needs Your Guidance

Today’s millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are in the prime stage of life for getting savings and investment plans on track. As a generation that faces unique financial challenges, including unprecedented student loan debt as well as a significant transfer of wealth soon to occur, they are in critical need of financial advice.

Drawing on insights gathered through conversations with our own Janus Henderson millennial colleagues, we created resources to help you engage and retain the next generation of clients. In a series of videos and podcasts, we highlight positive stories about a cohort that is often mischaracterized as financially inept. As our findings reveal, we have found that many of them are actually ahead of the game when it comes to planning for retirement.

Millennials are projected to represent roughly one-third of assets managed and clients served for most financial professional practices within five years – a 50% increase over current levels.

Practical Perspectives, “The Changing Role of Financial Advisors – Serving Millennials.” September 2019


Videos you can share with your clients' children, millennial clients and prospects

Millennial Journeys Toward Retirement

For our first "Marching to a Million" video, Retirement Director Ben Rizzuto spoke with colleagues about their views on spending, financial advice, social security and more.


Insight and perspective to help financial professionals understand the habits and views of millennilas

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Marching to a Million: Meet Our Millennials

Retirement Director Ben Rizzuto speaks with millennial colleagues about money lessons they’ve learned and how they view retirement.

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Marching to a Million: How Younger Generations View Spending, Saving and Financial Advice

Retirement Director Ben Rizzuto spoke with millennial colleagues about how they choose to spend their discretionary income, what longer-term goals they're working toward and their views on financial advice.


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The Millennial Opportunity

Created specifically for financial professionals, this guide explains the millennial opportunity and why this generation needs your help, and why you might need them.

Millennial Client Brochure

Looking for materials to share with millennial clients and prospects?
Download our client brochure and get tips to help new investors get started and stay on track towards their retirement savings goal.

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