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Between 2007 and 2016, an estimated $59 trillion will transfer from 93.6 million American estates – the greatest wealth transfer in history. Research has concluded that 70% of wealth transfers fail – will you be one of the financial professional families continue to trust?

Wealth Transfer Statistic

Holdman, Scott, Pat Traynor and David Hunnicut. US Wealth Transfer Summary, Impact Institute, 2018. FUSE Research Network and Janus Henderson Retirement Strategy Group, 2015.

About Our Program
Janus Henderson's Wealth Transfer programs help financial professionals bridge the communication gap with their clients and clients' children. We feature a number of resources and presentations to help financial professionals with best practices, including:

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Wealth Management & Retirement
A Financial Professional’s Guide to the Coronavirus Correction

How financial professionals can help clients cope with market uncertainty through behavioral finance, strategic tax planning and a review of fixed income mandates.

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