A small-mid-cap growth ETF that systematically identifies Smart Growth® companies utilizing a process based on Janus Henderson’s 45+ years of fundamental research. The strategy seeks to provide risk-adjusted outperformance by identifying top-tier small- and mid-cap companies with some of the strongest fundamentals that we believe can deliver sustainable growth in a variety of market environments.


Smart Growth® Process

A proprietary methodology that evaluates small/mid-cap stocks from a universe of 2,500, in three key areas: growth, profitability and capital efficiency. The Smart Growth® process systematically identifies companies that may be poised for long-run sustainable growth.

Proprietary Fundamental Methodology

Each stock is evaluated on 10 fundamental factors to identify companies that can exhibit durable growth. Growth measures include revenue growth rate; profitability measures include operating profit and earnings per-share; and capital efficiency measures include return on invested capital. The portfolio seeks to invest in the top-tier of eligible stocks.

Seeks Risk-Adjusted Outperformance

Not only designed for risk-adjusted outperformance relative to the asset class, but also includes the potential for lower draw down risk than traditional growth indices, by aiming to avoid small companies without solid fundamental businesses.