Fixed Income

We are a leading manager of global Fixed Income assets, with a reputation for innovation.

Our Fixed Income teams provide coverage across the asset class applying a wide range of innovative and differentiated techniques. These teams include those adopting global unconstrained approaches through to those with more focused mandates – based in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. The capabilities of these teams can be accessed through individual strategies and are combined where appropriate to form multi-strategy offerings.

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Corporate Credit

We offer a range of global credit strategies, ranging from core portfolios targeting returns of 1% over benchmark, to absolute return portfolios targeting 5% over 3-month Libor.

Interest Rates

Our Global Bonds team manages UK and global government bond portfolios and overlay strategies.


Multi Sector Fixed Income

For diversified fixed income mandates, the Janus Henderson Fixed Income Investment Strategy Group (ISG) draws on the full range of best ideas generated by the fixed income teams.

Secured Credit

Our Secured Credit team, is made up of asset backed securities (ABS) and secured loans experts.

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