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We believe the right blend of alternative strategies can deliver returns well-diversified from traditional asset classes.

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Our teams create diversity while reducing volatility – all within cross-asset class combinations of alpha generation, risk management and efficient beta replication strategies.

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As at 30 June 2022

Alternatives Assets Under Management

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As at 30 June 2022

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The Janus Henderson Diversified Alternatives Team brings together a range of investment approaches and benefits from diversity of thought. The team believes in challenging conventional thinking and applying a different lens to cross-asset class investing. 

David Elms
Head of Diversified Alternatives | Portfolio Manager

Featured Strategies

Multi Strategy

This market-neutral, alternative strategy invests across a diversified set of bottom-up strategies combined with a top-down "protection" strategy.

The portfolio protection investment strategy of the Multi Strategy portfolio does not guarantee protection.

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You got a trend in me: ‘Recessionary Alpha’

Portfolio Managers Mathew Kaleel, Andrew Kaleel and Maya Perone look at the returns profile for trend following strategies during recessionary environments.

Has TINA TURNED? Are equities no longer SIMPLY THE BEST?

Alistair Sayer, Client Portfolio Manager, considers why investors’ need for real diversification in their portfolios could be a long-term driver of demand for liquid alternatives as they seek to manage inflation and rising rates.

Anatomy of a short squeeze: causes, outcomes and lessons

What lessons can short squeezes offer about the inherent danger of carrying excessive leverage or short positions during periods of heightened risk and illiquidity?


Insight from our alternatives team to help clients navigate the markets and opportunities ahead.


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