European Large Cap Growth

The team employs a long-term approach to investing and is focused on quality growth companies.

Investment thesis is based on the belief that the market is inefficient and occasionally fails to rate stocks fairly, considering their growth potential. They adopt a bottom-up approach to stock selection, based on fundamental and qualitative analysis, with sector and country allocations a function of the bottom-up process, as opposed to investing in line with an index.


 Tim Stevenson

We have to accept that we are in a world of low growth but believe a focus on quality is the right approach to investing in growth stocks.”

Tim Stevenson, Director of European Equities


  • Focus on good quality, consistent companies
  • Invest in companies with proven record of providing a return to shareholders
  • High conviction portfolio limited to 60 positions
  • High growth businesses should maintain a premium valuation to the market
  • Based on fundamental and qualitative analysis as opposed to investing in line with an index

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James Ross, CFA

James Ross, CFA

Jamie Ross is a Fund Manager of European equities at Janus Henderson Investors, a position he has held since 2016. He was appointed as a joint Fund Manager for a European investment trust in 2018. He is also a Fund Manager on the International Opportunities strategy. Prior to this, he was a fund manager on the UK Equities Team, where he co-managed a UK equities pooled fund. Before that, he was an assistant fund manager on the Pan European Equities Team. He started his career with Henderson in 2007. Jamie graduated with a BA degree (Hons) in economics from Durham University. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and has 12 years of financial industry experience.

Tim Stevenson

Tim Stevenson

Tim Stevenson is Director of Pan-European Equities at Janus Henderson Investors, a position he has held since 1991. He has managed a European investment trust since 1994. Tim joined Henderson in 1986 as a portfolio manager for Europe. Prior to that, he worked for Aetna Montagu Asset Management Limited and was responsible for European investments for ERISA clients and MIM pension funds. He started his career as a European equity analyst at Savory Milln. Tim graduated received a BA degree (Hons) in economics and European studies from Sussex University. He has 36 years of financial industry experience.

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