European Mid Cap

The strategy invests principally in the securities of companies in Europe excluding the UK, seeking to generate long-term capital gain through active bottom-up stock-picking, with valuation the over-riding criterion for a stock’s inclusion in the portfolio. Since the strategy seeks capital gain as opposed to trying to beat a benchmark, the fund is free to deviate from index weightings.


Simon Rowe

This is still a stock-picker's market in the mid-cap space where the stock market performance of companies will depend on the quality of the business, the talents of the management team and the opportunities for development."

Simon Rowe, European Equity Fund Manager


  • Uses an active bottom-up stock picking approach
  • Valuation provides the over-riding criterion for inclusion in the portfolio
  • Active approach provides opportunity for above-index returns
  • Fund is free to deviate from index weightings
  • Benefit from opportunities arising in new issuances as well as pool of existing quoted companies

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Simon Rowe

Simon Rowe

Simon Rowe is a Portfolio Manager of European equities at Janus Henderson Investors, a position he has held since joining Henderson in 2009. Prior to Henderson, Simon was a European equity portfolio manager for eight years with New Star Asset Management. From 1993 until 2001, he worked as a freelance management consultant and private equity advisor. Before that, he was with Smith New Court and Kleinwort Benson as a German equity analyst in Munich. Simon graduated with a BA degree in history from Cambridge University. He has 29 years of financial industry experience.

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