North American Enhanced Index

The strategy will invest primarily in shares of North American companies included in the reference index (FTSE customised North American Index).

In addition to seeking to reflect the index, the fund managers will make use of investment strategies aimed at enhancing returns. These seek to generate returns based on differences in the prices of securities issued by, or associated with, companies that form part of the reference index. They can include, but are not limited to, liquidity strategies (investing in 'blocks of stock' at discounted prices), and relative value strategies (taking advantage of differences between the prices of securities related to the same company). Derivatives and forward transactions may be used by the fund for investment purposes, in achieving the enhancements to the index return and for the purposes of efficient portfolio management.

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Diversified Alternatives Team

Diversified Alternatives Team

Centred on the philosophy that investors are compensated for bearing economic risk, our Diversified Alternatives platform focuses on solutions for clients over products. Led by David Elms, the team has a global presence and its investment capabilities cover the span of complexity of alternative investments.

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