Buy & Maintain Credit

Created in response to growing demand for benchmark agnostic portfolios, Buy and Maintain Credit is a low turnover strategy designed to allow investors to capture the credit spread through a well-diversified portfolio of corporate bonds, but without the disadvantages of market weighted index-based investing.

The Buy and Maintain Credit strategy, managed by James Briggs, has a long-term investment horizon. The investment horizon and low level of expected turnover typically leads to reduced trading and, therefore, a lower cost strategy.

While the portfolios are predominantly invested in investment grade corporate bonds, each portfolio is bespoke. This allows each client to establish guidelines as to the average rating of the portfolio, geographies and currencies of corporate bond issuance as well as interest rate duration, as befits the shape of their underlying portfolios.


James Briggs

The narrative in recent years has painted a picture of a world desperate for yield, with ageing demographics driving significant flows into fixed income markets. While we firmly believe that this is a multi-year phenomenon that is unlikely to reverse, we would suggest that this does not tell the whole story of credit’s resilience."

James Briggs, Buy and Maintain Credit Fund Manager


  • Well-diversified portfolio of predominantly investment grade corporate bonds
  • Low expected turnover so a lower cost strategy
  • Aim to benefit from capital appreciation and income
  • Aim to capture the credit spread
  • For investors seeking a long term investment horizon

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James Briggs, ACA, CFA

James Briggs, ACA, CFA

James Briggs is a Portfolio Manager on Corporate Credit at Janus Henderson Investors responsible for the Buy and Maintain, Global Corporate Bond, and Global Investment Grade strategies. James joined Henderson in 2005 as a credit analyst and was named a portfolio manager in 2010. Prior to this, he was a credit analyst with BlueBay Asset Management and a high-yield analyst with Invesco Asset Management. James graduated with a BA degree (Hons) in philosophy from University College London. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He has 22 years of financial industry experience.

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