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Market GPS Investment Outlook 2020

What are the most pressing issues facing investors globally and how will they evolve in the year ahead? Our asset class heads provide their views on the investment themes to watch in 2020.

Global Dividend Index

The first of its kind, quarterly, long-term study into global dividend trends.

Global Fixed Income Compass

Quarterly insight from our fixed income teams to help clients navigate the markets and opportunities ahead.

Global Snapshot

The Janus Henderson Global Snapshot explores the themes driving markets, the trends to watch, market returns and metrics, and the Multi-Asset Team’s outlook for regions and sectors at quarter end.

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Chinese equities: investing in innovation

Chinese equities: investing in innovation

Charlie Awdry, China portfolio manager, provides his views on how China’s rapid technology innovation is creating opportunities to invest in the country’s growing companies and industries.

Powerplay: geopolitical manoeuvres and their corporate impact

Powerplay: geopolitical manoeuvres and their corporate impact

​Geopolitical risk continues to be top of mind for investors, particularly the shifting global balance of power from west to east as showcased by the escalating trade friction between China and the US. Charlie Awdry, China equities portfolio manager and Richard Clode, Global Technology portfolio manager, provide candid views on this evolving issue and its significance on how they invest.

Digital Natives Come of Age
Mega Trends Technology

Digital Natives Come of Age

In this video, Richard Clode, Global Technology Portfolio Manager, talking at the Janus Henderson 2019 UK Investment Conference, describes how a convergence of technical trends and a digital generation ready to embrace change is likely to shape the future of companies.