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Portfolio Construction and Strategy

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Our Portfolio Construction and Strategy Group is designed to help you keep your clients on track while giving you a distinct competitive advantage. Ongoing, 100% objective, forward-looking portfolio consulting, customised to work with you based on a singular purpose: helping your clients achieve their goals.

We elevate your portfolio management process through:

Portfolio Deconstruction

Institutional-calibre analytics give you a comprehensive understanding of risk and return drivers, detractors and dynamics.

Portfolio Construction

Customised consultative engagements through annual, semi-annual, quarterly and event-driven reports and strategy calls.

Portfolio Knowledge Exchange

A framework for measuring portfolio performance against successful peers, along with proprietary thought leadership.

Portfolio Deconstruction Icons | Janus Henderson Investors

Portfolio Deconstruction


Custom portfolio diagnostics

Our analyses deliver a deep and dynamic view of portfolio risk far beyond traditional style boxes, which seek to accelerate risk mitigation and maximise performance. Through metrics such as VaR, downside and max drawdown analyses, risk budgeting, correlation analysis and factor return decomposition, we aim to help navigate volatility and find pockets of potential performance.

Sample client model portfolio allocation


Sample custom benchmark allocation


Custom diagnostic scorecard:
Client model vs. Benchmark


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Portfolio Construction


A unique lens into risk-based asset allocation

Our proprietary database of thousands of model portfolios on which we’ve consulted gives us a unique perspective on your asset allocation. These observations are summerised in our proprietary asset allocation lens, which simplifies and categorises our fundamental views across asset classes. This allows us to distill our portfolio construction work into a straightforward, forward-looking process that focuses on your clients’ goals.

Traditional Equity

Traditional equity may make up the core of an investor’s equity portfolio allocation. Strategies tend to include developed market companies across all sectors. They will tend to have risk and correlations more in line with broad market indices.

Example Benchmarks

  • MSCI World IndexSM
  • FTSE 100 Index

Traditional Fixed Income

Strategies may offer investors capital preservation during a market downturn, higher interest rate risk, periodic income, lower overall risk and more predictable returns than Diversifying Fixed Income.

Example Benchmarks

  • Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index

Diversifying Equity

Specialized equity strategies may be used to diversify an investor’s equity portfolio allocation. Strategies may offer investors unique sources of return and risk, with the potential for growth paths less dependent on broad world markets.

Example Benchmarks

  • MSCI Emerging Markets Index
  • FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Index

Diversifying Fixed Income

Strategies may be used to diversify an investor’s fixed income allocation by offering investors exposure to areas like non-investment grade, emerging markets or more income-oriented investments.

Example Benchmarks

  • Bloomberg Barclays Global Corporate High Yield Bond Index
  • JPMorgan Corporate Emerging Markets Bond Index



Balanced Core

These strategies offer a mix of traditional stocks and bonds in a single strategy. The actual allocation tends to fluctuate around the traditional 60/40 stock/bond portfolio.

Liquid Alternative

Liquid alternative strategies aim to provide investors with diversification through exposure to investments other than long-only stocks and bonds. The strategies are utilized in portfolios because they typically provide a differentiated source of risk, return and/or low correlations compared to traditional asset classes.

Example Benchmarks

  • HFRI Equity Hedge Index
  • HFRI Relative Value Index
  • HFRI Event-Driven Index
  • HFRI Macro Index



Broad Asset Allocation

These strategies offer investors exposure to stocks, bonds and alternatives in a single wrapper. The actual asset allocation may vary based on portfolio management’s insights into markets and investment strategy.

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Portfolio Knowledge Exchange


Portfolio diagnostics reports

Our insights and opinions on issues, trends and opportunities by asset class help test and shape your perspective.

An experienced team of professionals

A select team of highly specialised strategists with deep experience and expertise, gained from thousands of custom analyses and models.

Adam Hetts, CFA

Global Head of Portfolio Construction and Strategy

Damien Comeaux, CIMA®

Senior Portfolio Strategist

Lara Reinhard, CFA

Portfolio Strategist

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