Corporate Credit

We offer a range of global credit strategies, ranging from core portfolios targeting returns of 1% over benchmark, to absolute return portfolios targeting 5% over 3-month Libor.

Fundamental to all of these strategies is our team of experienced, dedicated credit specialists who use thorough, bottom-up analysis to identify attractive investment opportunities across investment grade and high yield credit markets.


Absolute Return Credit

The strategy has a global opportunity set spanning the high grade and high yield sectors.

Buy & Maintain Credit

Created in response to growing demand for benchmark agnostic portfolios, Buy and Maintain Credit is a low turnover strategy designed to allow investors to capture the credit spread through a well-diversified portfolio of corporate bonds, but without the disadvantages of market weighted index-based investing.


Global Emerging Market Credit

The strategy seeks to outperform the JPMorgan Corporate Emerging Market Bond Index (CEMBI Broad Diversified) by investing primarily in emerging market corporate bonds, with a preference for USD-denominated issues.

High Yield Credit

Our High Yield Credit strategies represent a flexible approach to unearthing value in European and Global high yield corporate bonds.

Investment Grade Credit

We offer separate strategies in Global, European and UK bonds investing primarily in investment grade corporate bonds and other fixed and floating rate securities. All three strategies target both income and growth.

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