Secured Credit

Our Secured Credit team, embedded within the broader fixed income business, is made up of asset backed securities (ABS) and secured loans experts, offering both dedicated ABS and secured loans strategies to clients as well as diversified credit strategies such as the Henderson Multi Asset Credit Fund.


Asset Backed Securities

Our ABS team is headed by Edward Panek in London, with analysts sitting in both the United States and the UK. We have been investing in asset backed securities (ABS) for more than 15 years for a wide range of fund strategies and across a broad range of asset types and ratings.


Multi Asset Credit

Our Multi Asset Credit strategy, which is managed by Colin Fleury and David Milward, provides investors with an opportunity to invest in a range of predominantly secured credit asset classes, not typically found in traditional fixed income portfolios.

Secured Loans

Our secured loans team is headed by David Milward and forms part of the Secured Credit team, which is embedded within our broader fixed income business, offering both dedicated loan strategies to clients as well as loan investments as part of various multi-strategy funds.


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