Confronting market uncertainty

Strategies to help investors navigate challenging conditions

Markets are always complex, but current conditions can make investing with confidence extremely difficult. Rising interest rates, inflation, geopolitical conflict and COVID-19 disruptions all cloud the economic outlook.

We are here to help you stay on course, with investment products, practical support and expert thinking to inform your decision-making.

An investing approach grounded in fundamental research

The detailed analysis we undertake can be ever more important in times of market stress; we offer a range of solutions:


Don't abandon growth due to volatility concerns. Stay focused on your goals and invest in strategies that have the potential to turn risks into opportunities.


Fixed Income

Volatility means traditional approaches may fall short. Our forward-thinking fixed income framework is designed to help you access the reshaped opportunity-set.

Resources to help

Find the latest thinking from our investment professionals

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Investing in megatrends through mission-critical ‘ingredients suppliers’

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Balancing yield and duration: The fixed income barbell trade

How bond investors can take advantage of higher short-term yields while still managing duration exposure.

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