We are bottom-up, fundamental investors; as such, we invest with conviction where we believe we have differentiated views and insights. We are mindful of risk; therefore, we are constantly asking: are we being compensated for bearing risk? We accomplish this in one of two ways: by uncovering different or better information, or by interpreting information differently. We then marry the differentiated, fundamental research process with a disciplined approach to valuation in an effort to uncover the most promising investment opportunities.

Market GPS Investment Outlook 2020

What are the most pressing issues facing investors globally and how will they evolve in the year ahead? Our asset class heads provide their views on the investment themes to watch in 2020.


Global Property: Keep Calm and Invest for the Long Term

An update on real estate markets and the investment implications of the coronavirus as the pandemic spreads across the globe.

Innovation and Health Care Amid COVID-19

How the coronavirus pandemic is shining a spotlight on the long-term potential of health care’s advanced research and technology.

COVID-19: Cautiously Optimistic on Asian Equities

The latest developments in Asia and the investment implications of the COVID-19 pandemic from an income point of view.