We are bottom-up, fundamental investors; as such, we invest with conviction where we believe we have differentiated views and insights. We are mindful of risk; therefore, we are constantly asking: are we being compensated for bearing risk? We accomplish this in one of two ways: by uncovering different or better information, or by interpreting information differently. We then marry the differentiated, fundamental research process with a disciplined approach to valuation in an effort to uncover the most promising investment opportunities.

Market GPS Investment Outlook 2020

What are the most pressing issues facing investors globally and how will they evolve in the year ahead? Our asset class heads provide their views on the investment themes to watch in 2020.


Market GPS: Stay Focused on Long-Term Growth Themes

Portfolio Managers Doug Rao and Nick Schommer discuss why they believe it is important to balance near-term optimism for equities in 2020 with a focus on long-term themes.

China: Resilient Despite Challenges

China Equities Portfolio Manager May Ling Wee discusses sectors in China that she believes could represent attractive investment opportunities.

Market GPS: Staying Nimble to Find Value Opportunities

With stock multiples at historic highs, investors may need to increasingly consider downside risk and look broadly to find attractive valuations.